Why join Tau Kappa Epsilon?

You're now an university student.You've nearly got your classes down to a science, you're meeting amazing new people by the minute, and you’re doing things on your time. In fact, you're probably asking yourself, "Can it get much better than this?" Well, that depends. Are you ready to become a TKE?

Through our membership development and education programs, each member of TKE is provided with the resources and tools that will help you achieve your personal best in all areas of college life and prepare you for success after graduation.
Our men embody the principles promoted by the Fraternity and are poised for success. They belong to TKE..."The Fraternity for Life."

1) Friends and Brotherhood

When you choose to become a TKE, you’re choosing to take your college experience to an entirely different level. The days of wasting time on the couch in your room will quickly become a thing of the past. TKEs are men of action. And as a member of TKE, you will become part of an exciting academic, social and cooperative lifestyle, doing for your brothers what you would do for yourself.

2) Activities

It's no mystery that TKEs work hard, but they play hard too. There's never a dull day in the social life of a TKE, which can include everything from weekend parties of all shapes and sizes to just relaxing with your brothers. When TKEs come out to play they don't go unnoticed. Get ready to fill your social calendar with a myriad of different events. Even off-campus, it's not uncommon for a TKE to round up some brothers for a weekend road trip on the fly. Whatever it may be, life as a TKE is hard to beat.

3) Networking

Being a TKE isn't just about great times and hard work as a college student. Your advantages as a TKE will be a major part of your future even after you walk off that stage with your diploma. You've heard it before: It's not only what you know; it’s who you know. And the connections you will have with nearly 200,000 successful TKE alumni can be the key to unlocking your career goals.

4) Giving back to community

Becoming a TKE is a serious commitment. While you are expected to devote yourself to serving the best interest of the Fraternity, your service to the community is equally as important. TKEs believe in the strength of their unity. As a brotherhood, they pride themselves on the difference they can make in their surrounding communities.

5) Academics and Scolarship

While a TKE’s social life is unlike that of any other, a true TKE knows when it’s time to get down to business. To stay ahead of the game academically, TKEs work together to make the grade and prepare themselves for life after graduation.

Every year the TKE Educational Foundation awards a number of Named Scholarship Awards to members of Tau Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity to encourage academic excellence, exemplary leadership and the personal development of TKEs pursuing their college degrees.|


If you want give it a try come by our rush events which usually happen at the beginning of every semester in January and September. For more details, take a look at the calendar and most importantly contact our recruitment(rush) chair. You can find his information by clicking here!



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